What would it be like to allow yourself to have more space? – Yasodhara Romero Fernandes

Yasodhara Romero Fernandes

What would it be like to allow yourself to have more space?

Hi from the south of France,

After finishing an amazing 3-day Bodyclass, I invite you and your body to ask some questions that I have played with lately.


Have you longed for a life in which you can have all of yourself?

A space where you can breathe and enjoy your body?

Being connected to the earth, trusting and feeling connected to yourself and the universe?


For years I have searched for this. I thought it was about finding the right things, so that I would get the feeling of being complete and satisfied. It never worked. Parts were always missing, actually I missed myself.

Things have shifted in the last few years and everything is constantly growing, more every day, because I ask.


The connection that our bodies have with the earth is magical.

For years I fought, without any idea for what. And then, a few months ago, I heard this question:






Wauwww … I had never thought of that!


What am I actually fighting for?

If I were to fight for more consciousness on the planet, what would my life be like?

What would my business look like? What would I really choose?

Would it be the same?

What do I have to change here?


The more I asked these questions, the more I began to realize how much I was looking for the right answers with words, instead of calming my brain and being present with the energy. I could perceive it after asking these questions.

I had to learn to be in control. Not the control that I had been before, which limited new possibilities, but control that meant controlling my thoughts, and not look for answers.


You must create space to hear the whisper of new possibilities!


Maak je jezelf ooit fout omdat je geen woorden hebt? Geloof je ooit dat je het niet weet, omdat je de woorden niet hebt? Wat als je dat nu zou kunnen stoppen en zou vragen: “Wat en op welke manieren merk ik energie?”, en wacht dan even en breid je ruimte uit.


Do you ever make yourself wrong because you have no words? Do you ever believe you don’t know because you don’t have the words? What if you could stop doing that right now and ask, “What and in which ways do I notice energy?”, then wait a moment and expand your space and your awareness.


We and our bodies are built from space, consciousness and energy and it actually takes a lot of energy to separate ourselves from that.

The more you practice to expand, the more energy and consciousness will be available to you.


The contributions that we and our bodies are to the earth with every choice we make to be more of us continues to surprise me. The beauty that everyone is and the magic that we all have, surprises me every time I give a class or a session.


Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to let go of our mind, but the reward for the choice to show up as ourselves is what I have experienced, something that nothing or nobody else can ever give us!


Is this something you are looking for? Maybe you gave up on it because you couldn’t find it anywhere? What if you could have it now?


Do you have the connection with the earth that your body is asking for? Is it time to have no more separation between you and your body, your loved ones and others, money, entities, … Time to be the source of different possibility, just by walking on the earth.


What choice can I make today to expand my life and create more awareness on the planet?


One of the classes that will help you to practice YOUR energetic skills, to be comfortable with YOUR consciousness, to trust YOUR knowledge and to expand your RECEIVING and to receive the gift that YOU are is TALK TO THE ENTITIES.


What if you could receive from every single molecule in the universe with total ease and from every entity, including the earth, your businesses and your creations? Would that create more in your life?