1 May - Walk Ins TTTE Specialty Online – Yasodhara Romero Fernandes
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1 May – Walk Ins TTTE Specialty Online

Talk To The Entities WALK INS Online

TTTE Specialty – Walk Ins

Did you know that it is more common for a body to have multiple ‘walk ins’ than to have none? Yes, ‘walk ins’ remain one of the most dynamic yet confusing areas with entities.

The Walk In’s series challenges our concept of self and assists us to have clarity of who we really are.

Dive into one of the most amazing areas that can create so much clarity and ease for people.

What if by clearing walk ins you could choose confidently and easily?

Call time: 1 May 2020 @ 7 pm CET




May 1st, 2020

Start time

7 pm CET

End time

9 pm CET