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Right Voice For You Sell Like Crazy London

Right Voice For You - Selling Like Crazy - London

There’s a common myth out there that says that some people are great at sales and some people aren’t. But what if that’s not true?

Do you struggle with:

° feeling like you’re “pushing” things on people
° people responding poorly to you being a sales person
° not making the money you know you could
° not knowing how to connect to the people that walk through your
° not fully enjoying your days at work but not knowing how to
change it
° Do you dread someone walking through the door rather than enjoy

Right Voice for You is a body of tools that empowers you to create connections with anyone, know what they want, and deliver it in a way that makes them happy and increases your bottom line.

Some of the things you might get out of this class are:
° increased confidence in “reading” people
° increased cash flow!
° raving fans of the service you provide
° repeat customers
° a love of what you do

When the “best kept secrets” of the best salespeople aren’t secrets any more, what else is truly possible?



London, UK & Online


January 19th, 2020

Start time

09:30 UTC

End time

17:00 UTC