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Asking a Question A half a year ago my back completely blocked. I booked a session with a facilitator, and whilst he was working on me, I noticed things moving in my body, and my body showing me things that I had not been previously aware of. And I wondered, how much has my body been creating things to move me onto the path that I had been asking for? Often, if something isn't working in our body, we have never been taught to ask: 'What is right here with what isn't working?' Whenever something was not working with my body, I started

Do you know these friends.. that read your mind, they know your face and they know exactly what is going on for you even if you decided you didn’t want to talk about it, neither did you want to know about it. The most annoying ones are these that will tell you what’s up in their mind, even if you don’t want to hear it. (I have to say, I have done this to others.. so, no this is not a complaint letter). I noticed this week my body became one of them. And also one of the most expensive snobby ones I