CAMERA PROOF ONLINE – Yasodhara Romero Fernandes
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Camera Proof ONLINE

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Have you been looking for more ease in front of a camera, making your videos, live streaming with joy?

Many people I work with have so many points of view about themselves on camera they don’t even produce 50% of the things that would give them ease, joy and money in their business, are you one of them?

What if you would Have tools to

Create successful videos based on Presence and not perfection.

Loose your fear for not having or finding the right words.

Gain self esteem, vulnerability and the magnetizing YOU you have been looking for.

Be YOU in front of a camera.

Create content with ease.

This program will give you tips and tools to invite people to watch and listen to what you have to offer, and for you to have greater ease and joy in front and behind your camera.

Let’s shoot it!




May 22th, 2020

Start time

20:00 (CET)

End time

21:00 (CET)