Access Tools in School & Education ONLINE – Yasodhara Romero Fernandes
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Access Tools in School & Education ONLINE

Access Tools in School & Education

Have you been looking for tools that would increase possibilities in teaching, studying, parenting?

This intro class will give you tools and questions to open up different spaces around schooling and education.

Are you a teacher, headmaster, student, parent are you closely connected to kids and youngsters? And is now the time to start creating a different reality within the field of education? So many kids/youngsters/teachers/.. are having a hard time keeping their head above the water.

What if there was a different possibility? A way to thrive again, to get your fun, your ease and your glory back in business.

These classes are designed to give you awareness on what is truly going on for you and to empower you to ask questions, stop to buy into other peoples limitations, projections, conclusions, judgements, start to wonder about your capacities. How many stories are you maybe conscious maybe unconsciously keeping in place, that keep you recreating mistakes and failure from the past?

With the Access tools and clearings you start to take of the energetic charge of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations,.. of past trauma and drama, which gives you the freedom of choice and the chance to create a different result and a different future? How would you learn or teach if you knew you couldn’t fail?




Feb 19th, 2020

Start time

19:00 (CET)

End time

20h30-21:00 (CET)