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Yasodhara Romero Fernandes

Meet Yasodhara

Are you looking for more of youchanging things that aren’t working, creating a different possibility for you, the people around, your kids, …

Lets talk!

In 2015 I encountered Access and after taking only 1 Access Bars® class I truly desired more of this, to become a facilitator.

I’ve been touring the world as a singer and have always been fascinated by changing things. Be it stuff in bodies, voices, brains, business, life…

Besides facilitating Bars, FoundationRight Voice For You and TTTE I created the access specialty class Access Tools in Schools. I’ve been working in the area of education and school systems for many years as a vocal coach.

Seeing so many kids struggling to get themselves through the schooling systems and often not knowing how to deal with everything they are aware of, made me wonder what else I could create.

Those classes are designed to make you taste of a different possibility. What if you could change your energy and space and consciousness, your beingness, so kids could actually have some of that?

When you start shifting the energy, space and consciousness you actually start creating a different possibility for everything and everyone around you!

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Due to an operation over 10 years ago, I struggled with wrist immobility. After an ESSE session on the injury, I was able to move my wrist again, the same night.



Amazing evening ❤ Change-choice-awareness-demand for more - and Yes the time is now. Turn it up!

D.D. Amsterdam


Do not - I repeat Do Not have a session with Yasodhara Romero Fernandes... If you want things to stay the same ?She did a few minutes of ESSE on my foot/ankle a few weeks back while we were chatting and the changes it created is Still Changed!!! ADOOOORE HER AND HER MAGIC"

J.F. London